Recent actions by police against individuals with autism has emphasized the importance of police being aware of the special needs of people with autism and developmental disabilities.

After a man with autism’s caretaker was shot by police in North Miami last week. The autism community has begun to think of ways to ease the dynamic between individuals with autism and law enforcement.

That is why Pam Mines; a mother of a son with autism in Richmond Virginia is working in tandem with police to create training programs that teach children how to effectively interact with law enforcement. “When J.P. turns 18 his special needs, doesn’t stop” Mines said in reference to her son.

The programs will address issues such as triggers for individuals with autism that police should be aware of. Flashing lights, radio static, and loud noises are all actions by law enforcement that can be especially jarring to people on the spectrum.

What initiatives do you think law enforcement can take to better cater to individuals with autism? Let us know in the comments.


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