We can’t believe it has been a year since EV Gifts started our relationship with Morgan Imports. This must be what happens when a relationship goes incredibly well.



Morgan Imports is located in the heart of downtown Durham, NC at 110 S Gregson Street Durham, NC 27701. A staple of Durham, Morgan Imports opened in 1969 in its iconic, spacious store that reminds you of an old tobacco mill – lots of brick and hardwood. Patrons of Morgan Imports call it snazzy and irresistible. You can find a gift for anyone.


Our experience with Morgan Imports has been great. The management staff have always been extremely friendly and helpful. They are great at telling the EV story. Also, Team EV Gifts loves making their deliveries to Morgan Imports. Our employees get a huge satisfaction out of seeing their products being sold on the shelves.


Thanks again, Morgan Imports, for being a great business partner. We are excited to see what this relationship brings in the future.